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Julie Spears, LCSW

Engaging · Creative · Enthusiastic

I believe
· all people are inherently good.
· connection is the most important component of the human condition.
· people can change when they actively access information, insight and support.
· balance of mind, body and spirit is essential.
· self-care is imperative.
· navigating the waters of tragedy and grief is an area where we all need assistance.


Maya Angelou

The desire to reach the stars is ambitious; the desire to reach hearts is wise.

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What is Fair Play?

The Fair Play method is a time and anxiety saving system that offers couples a completely new way to divvy up their domestic responsibilities.

The Book

“I'm so impressed with the Fair Play handbook. Not only did Eve break down every task that a couple is responsible for, but she managed to create a system where dividing those tasks is fun, insightful and gratifying. Her approach is filled with love, humor, wisdom and the idea that if we can work together and acknowledge each other's strengths and weaknesses, we can build better, stronger, and longer lasting relationships.”—Reese Witherspoon 

The Cards

“A hands-on strategy to divide tasks and achieve household harmony.”—Real Simple


West Ben White Boulevard
Austin, Texas 78704

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