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About Me


Julie believes that all people are inherently good and deserve warmth, empathy, and humor when facing battles with depression, anxiety, and stress. Such journeys are personal, and she looks forward to learning about yours. She structures her approach around the teachings of Brené Brown, deep knowledge of the Enneagram, creativity, and more recently, the Fair Play Method. Julie completed her education at Louisiana State University with a master's degree in Social Work and has amassed 20 years of experience in the field of behavioral healthcare. Julie has provided mental health counseling to those in need, developed and overseen programs for depression for Fortune 500 companies, and trained staff to track clinical outcomes. Her work as a therapist is inclusive of people from all backgrounds, including those marginalized by race- and gender-based systems of oppression. Julie is an ally for LGBTQ+ individuals.

Julie’s childhood in South Louisiana gave her a love of family, Cajun food, and the ability to ‘never meet a stranger’. And Julie LOVES stories!  Brené Brown suggests that stories are “data with soul,” so you can imagine Julie’s endless interest in a myriad of TV shows, books, movies, and podcasts is totally a professional one.

Just ask her for recommendations! 

Additionally, Julie prides herself in being a cultural ambassador of Austin, the city she calls home and where she shares her life with her three children, superstar husband, and four precious fur babies. Ask her advice on anything Austin, and you’re sure to get the best!

With her extensive experience in behavioral healthcare, Julie continues to seek to understand the human soul. Beyond her private practice, she is a dedicated daughter, friend, mother of three, and wife. She looks forward to helping you see yourself as you truly are: a person capable of growth and worthy of love.

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